TRACK v6.5 Release

Houston, Texas -- April 15, 2019 -- Management Controls, Inc. the global leader in Contractor Management for over 30 years, introduces new features and functionality enhancements in the latest release of the TRACK® Platform, TRACK v6.5.

The new features and functionality included in the TRACK v6.5 update are as follows:

Equipment Groups and Types

The purpose of this update is to enable Groups and Types to be established at the location level rather than at the Global level. Equipment groups and types can now be assigned per location and can be made active or inactive.

Access Control System (ACS) Device Grouping for Transit Time

New functionality has been added in TRACK to allow for the grouping of ACS devices.

Shift Differentials for Rates 4, 5, and 6

Added the functionality to apply shift differentials to Rates 4, 5, and 6. Modified the Labor/ Agreement/Skills/Rates/Shift Differential Import to include Shift Differentials for Rates 4, 5, and 6.

Business Intelligence (Exago) Report Sharing

The Business Intelligence (BI) functionality in TRACK and Forecaster has been modified to allow for the sharing of Exago reports between users.

Allocation Forwarding to other Area IDs

The purpose this functionality is to enable allocation approvers the additional capability of forwarding allocations to another available Area ID.