STO: Gain Visibility of your project in Real-time


  • Are you able to capture highly accurate contractor data on hours worked, by PO/Line item and Work Order? By Operation and Sub-Operation?

  • Are hours verified by your security/access control system and automatically calculated using the terms and conditions of each contract?

  • Would you like to replace paper timesheets, Excel spreadsheets and home-grown solutions with a more accurate, enterprise solution?

  • Would you like to understand exactly where your project stands daily and be able to Forecast accuracy?

    The TRACK Platform provides 98% forecast accuracy for projects and turnarounds with actual burned hours by PO/WO, enabling you to update the latest estimates of project total cost and duration with the very latest data. It has an import method that allows for timely data load, and sets itself apart with a quick implementation model, enabling rapid visibility to management of cost.

I don’t know how any one could perform a turnaround and not use TRACK® to automatically monitor Contractor Spend & schedule.
— Chief Operating Officer, Fortune 500 Refining Leader

Pro-active Decisions

With the TRACK Platform you are able to see the current spend compared to your budget, which allows you to make corrections before it is too late.

Global Site Reporting & Analytics

Real-time reporting and analytics for contractor spend broken down with complete visibility and granularity by contractor and by site encompassing total spend.


Creating & Maintaining Purchase Orders

TRACK® allows for easy viewing of open PO's and which ones have achieved a user defined threshold in real-time.

Standardized Rates

Analyze rates for labor, equipment and material for contractor services across the enterprise. Ensure discrepancies are completely eliminated so that the most cost-effective vendor is selected.