Manpower visibility of all resources on site


  • Do you have full visibility who is on site at all times?

  • Do you have complete, real-time tracking on man-hours worked, fatigue reporting and exposure hours?

  • Do you have thorough historical reporting data on man-hours worked, fatigue reporting and exposure hours?

  • Are you automatically checking to see if contracted resources possess the appropriate safety certifications and training PRIOR to being allowed on site?

  • Can you quickly assess who has checked in to each muster station during an event?

  • Would you like to be proactively notified if a contracted resource is attempting to access your site, but will be in violation of fatigue limits?

    The TRACK® Platform’s onsite reporting and dashboards provides the real-time visibility that you need to ensure your work site’s safety. And in the event of a safety incident, delivers the historical data that you need for accurate tracking and litigation purposes.

We’ve seen some really outstanding results.. It’s about being able to focus on safety and production first, removing the emotion of how people get paid.”
— Senior Director, Fortune 100 Company


Visibility into your Site

Know exactly who is on site at all times in real time.

Fatigue Reporting

Keep track of work hours and receive alerts when a worker has reached the fatigue threshold.


Exposure Hours

Have you ever wanted to know workers exposure hours, time & place?

Safe Site

Man hours worked is a standard report in TRACK.