Negotiate Optimal Service Contracts and Ensure Compliance


  • Do you have the confidence that you are negotiating the best possible deals with vendors?

  • Are all of your agreements accurate and up-to-date?

  • Are your purchase orders correct and fully compliant with your vendor contracts?

  • Do you have all of the data and tools you need readily available in the event of vendor disputes or audits?

  • Are you able to enforce the Terms and Conditions of your vendor contracts?

The TRACK® Platform empowers procurement professionals to align agreements with industry best practices and develop well-documented terms, conditions, and rates. This promotes consistency at the business unit level and across the enterprise; it facilitates negotiating the most favorable deals possible.

By assigning standardized classifications across contracts, enabling accurate rate comparisons, locking contractor markups, and pinpointing labor, equipment, and material discounts, TRACK® facilitates negotiating the most favorable deals possible and effectively enforcing them.

Our Platform ensures that the Terms and Conditions you negotiated for are being brought to life in the field. Through the pay formulas in our TRACK® Platform, Terms and Conditions are automatically applied, so you know that you are getting the most out of your contract. 

If there is anyone still using paper invoicing processes, I would recommend TRACK. You can be confident without much review the dollars you’re being invoiced for are accurate per your agreement with the company you are doing business with.
— Fortune 500 Petroleum Leader - PROJECT CONTROL SPECIALIST


Negotiation of Terms, Conditions and Rates

Get a negotiation tool that extends to all contractor services for your company. With TRACK®, you can take negotiations to the pinnacle of procurement success.

Global Site Reporting & Analytics

Real-time reporting and analytics for contractor spend broken down with complete visibility and granularity by contractor and by site encompassing total spend.


Creating & Maintaining Purchase Orders

TRACK® allows for easy viewing of open PO's and which ones have achieved a user defined threshold in real-time.

Standardized Rates

Analyze rates for labor, equipment and material for contractor services across the enterprise. Ensure discrepancies are completely eliminated so that the most cost-effective vendor is selected.


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