Contractor management insights

The TRACK Platform insights & analytics empowers companies with unparalleled human intelligence, based on the proprietary, real-time data gathered from the field. With daily updates on contractor performance, cost control, and compliance, Insights delivers curated data in an easy-to-use dashboard. Combined with the power of of dedicated analysts, clients are able to enjoy the benefits of increased visibility and control across their entire contractor management landscape.

In the first year of operation, TRACK provided nearly $10 million in annual savings with Insights identifying an opportunity to save an additional $10 million, via improved contract and best practice management.
— Major Mining Client

Pro-Active Decision Making

Make course corrections in the field based on proprietary, real-time data.

Align Workforce to Best Practices

Gain insight into best practice contracting strategies.


Monitor Behaviors

Identify themes, gaps, and trends occurring within your contractor workforce.

Role Based Alerting

Get real-time alerts on when key indicators hit thresholds.

Examples of how Insights help to answer Business Questions:

What’s going on with my overtime costs?

Insights allows you to see where your overtime spend is going by vendor, location, and approver, allowing you to better manage budgets and plan your work.

Can I compare performance within my enterprise or against others?

Insights will provide dynamic visualizations that allow you to drill down and compare/contrast between sites within your enterprise. Using Insights proprietary mix of publicly available data, data from multiple external sources and our learnings from millions of TRACK data points we will also provide guidance on how well you are performing against best practice and what levers to use to gain more from your contractor workforce.

How can I reduce the number of “off contract” exceptions and override requests?

Insights allow you to see who, where and what contract clauses are being overridden or added by vendors and approved by field staff allowing you to write better contracts while enforcing the ones you already have.

Are my resources about to exceed fatigue limits?

Insights can show you who is on site and when, as well as which workers are close to, or have exceeded your limits for hours worked in a day. This allows you to improve your operations and safety in near real-time.


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