The Enterprise Contractor Management Solution

Management Controls simplifies the management of contract labor and optimizes your workforce. Our one of a kind TRACK Platform empowers companies with a far more efficient way to track the costs of labor, equipment and materials. TRACK’s proprietary real time insights, increased transparency and time saving automation, saves our customers an average of 15% on total contractor spend each year. Today, at over 250 sites worldwide, our platform processes more than $50 billion annually in contractor spending.


Why the TRACK Platform?

Visibility +

TRACK's connected platform gives owners more visibility into daily operations

Control +

With greater visibility into daily operations, TRACK gives owners more control over their entire labor, equipment and materials contractor activity.

Accountability +

TRACK helps both owners and contractors get on the same page and ensures close review of daily approvals process.

Compliance +

TRACK ensures that owners and contractors adhere to contracts and schedules on a daily basis.

Productivity +

Our platforms custom analytics empower owners with valuable insights on ways to improve productivity in real-time.

Eliminate Overspending +

By increasing compliance and accuracy in billing, TRACK helps owners eliminate overspending by 10-15% per year.


TRACK Platform by the Numbers


$50 Billion+

Annual Contractor Spend Processed

$5 Billion+

Annual Savings across our Customers

4 Million+

Contract Craftsmen through TRACK Platform


Industrial Sites using the TRACK Platform


What our Customers Say

Without TRACK®, you are operating in the dark. With TRACK, you actually know what your contractors have earned and you work with confidence that you are really paying for what you should be paying for.

— Vice President, Maintenance and Manufacturing
We were not paying vendors in a timely manner and often disputing invoices months after the work was done.. what I like most about TRACK® is the live data and that it’s accurate, consistent, electronic and timely.
— Project Control Specialist



A FORTUNE Global 10 refinery with sites all over North America engaged the TRACK Platform for a "parallel pilot" for their upcoming turnaround.


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