• Do you have sufficient supporting documentation to ensure all of you vendors' invoices are 100% accurate?

  • Would you like to eliminate payment disputes with vendors?

  • Would you like to be able to settle with your vendors daily?

  • Would you like to take advantage of your Vendor's early pay discounts?

  • Would replacing manual work with automation significantly improve your productivity?

Our TRACK Platform enables you to identify and mitigate gaps that may exist in managing costs, contracts and safety for your contracted services. Our industry-leading system provides automated, accurate, valuable, and real-time visibility of important data for tracking your contractors’ performance, progress and spend.

We were not paying vendors in a timely manner and often disputing invoices months after the work was done.. what I like most about TRACK® is the live data and that it’s accurate, consistent, electronic and timely.
— Project Control Specialist, Fortune 500 Petroleum Leader

Remove Manual Effort of Paying Vendors

Short on resources? Let the TRACK Platform show you how you can streamline accurate vendor payments while reducing your workforce's effort and time in ensuring timely payment.

Open Liability

Service Vendors invoicing for work in a month that has been closed out is detrimental to the facilities financial reporting. See how TRACK eliminates the "unknown" liability and provides quick and accurate un-audits.

Mismatch Reconciliation

Ever wanted a software to reconcile mismatches before they ever reach accounts payable? Let TRACK show you how!

Daily Settlement with Vendors

Have a problem with vendors not receiving timely or accurate payments? Let TRACK show you how vendor payments can occur within terms while capitalizing on payment discounts and eliminating past due invoicing and discrepancies.


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