Below are some of the most frequently asked questions about the TRACK Platform.

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How is track licensed?

TRACK licenses are available on an enterprise or plant-side basis.


What technology platforms does Track support?

TRACK requires a browser. It is optimized for the latest versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer.


How long does it take to implement track?

A standard, single-site implementation is 10-12 weeks. Enterprise implementations typically enjoy reduced time-per-site by virtue of the single ERP interface. An implementation includes Access Control System (ACS) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system interface integration, as well as work-process design, master data loading and training.


What sort of return can we expect from our investment in Track?

TRACK brings discipline to contract spend management. The savings created by TRACK routinely pay back the full investment (license and implementation fees + all client-side costs) within the first 3-6 months of operation. The savings vary year after year depending on the level of each year’s contract spend.


None of our contractors have on-site personnel. Can they access Track from their home office?

Yes, the TRACK Platform is a cloud based software that can be accessed through web browsers.


How are we different from other contractor management systems?

TRACK’s contractor cost management software is distinguished from other systems in several important ways. First, TRACK calculates contractor hours accurately using the commercial terms and rates of each contract and the access control system you have in place today. Second, TRACK has interfaces to leading ERP systems (like SAP and Maximo) which are easy to install and reliable. Finally, just about every contractor in North America knows how to use TRACK and appreciates its accurate calculations which lead to timely payment for work performed. This functionality allows TRACK to achieve daily settlement with your contractors (i.e., TRACK tells you every morning exactly what you spend and where you spent it the day before).


Is this software web-based or server-based?

Our software is web-based and employs Microsoft’s .Net framework fro the application and SQL Server as the database.


Can the end-user add new reports to Track?

Yes, TRACK uses Crystal Reports as its reporting engine. Customers may create their own reports, name them and run their custom reports from within TRACK.


What is a typical allocation process?

TRACK ensures that only TRACK-Calculated contractor hours and costs are allocated to the contract, work orders, purchase orders, and WBS elements. Cost objects are automatically downloaded from the customer’s ERP and Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) and project planning systems. Allocations and performed by Contractor Timekeepers. Yesterday’s hours and costs are typically fully allocated the next morning.


How does Track verify contractor hours worked?

TRACK captures the precise time ‘In’ and ‘Out’ for each contractor employee (using the gate access control system you already have in place) and automatically applies contract pricing and terms and conditions. Payments to contractors are facilitated by TRACK’s interface to your ERP system. As a result, our customers eliminate error-prone manual process which further eliminate timesheets and invoice disputes.


How does Track achieve Daily Cost Visibility?

TRACK enables a daily settlement process between you and your contractors. As a result, planners/schedules and project managers can monitor actual job costs for all contractor activity on a near real-time basis rather that waiting for contractor invoices to be processed 30-45 days later.


Is there any change-management involved?

Yes. TRACK provides a collaborative environment with multiple users/roles and most likely will introduce new processes and enhancements for Owners and Contractors. TRACK’s Consulting Services team will work closely with these constituents to ensure they are following the “Best Practices” of TRACK Software.


Can this software interface with any ACS (Access Control System)?

TRACK has the ability to interface with any ACS.