Exago + MCi case study

Exago BI provides tremendous fliexibility and functionality for both our end users and developers. Customers love the self-service report builders and our IT team is very happy with how easy it was to integrate Exago BI and customize it for each type of user.
— Roman Trevino, Project Manager


Winning a bid to roll out to one of the top two international energy corporations was contingent on our adding a robust ad hoc reporting module to our Forecaster application. Our client needed assurance that they would be able to gain easy, real-time insight into their critical production site KPIs like material costs, and man hours. Whatever solution we chose needed to be self-service, seamlessly integrated and highly customize-able. We had to find a BI partner that we could count on to help us deliver, or we risked losing the bid.



We evaluated five BI solutions and chose Exago because it was the easiest to set up and get started with report writing right away. We showed Exago to our client and they absolutely loved the ad hoc reporting functionality and the extra features like report scheduling. We really liked the flat annual subscription pricing which will be very cost effective for us as we continue to grow.  Throughout the evaluation the Exago team was extremely supportive and friendly and this relationship has only gotten better since we purchased. We get so much user and admin functionality – robust and flexible.



Entire business processes have been eliminated for our clients. Accrual reports that used to require a manual, 3-hour process are now accomplished automatically in Exago. Our clients couldn’t be happier about that.

Dashboards were not part of our original road map, but our clients are so enthusiastic about having the ability to build and format interactive dashboards that this has become a major part of our future plans.

We had originally planned to add BI only to our Forecaster product. Reception has been so positive that we are now moving forward with adding Exago to other products as well.