Project Forecasting

The TRACK Platform offers a simple, out-of-the-box solution that provides 98% forecast accuracy for projects and turnarounds. It is the only project forecasting solution on the market that is 100% integrated with the TRACK Platform. Forecaster also has an import method that allows for timely data load.

Forecaster sets itself apart with a quick implementation model, allowing rapid visibility to management of its cost.

Project forecasting software. Forecast projects hours & costs in real-time. Contractor Management.
“We recovered nearly $300,000 in miscalculated charges in one turnaround – a 7% savings.”

— Turnaround Manager, Fortune Global 10 Company

Project Management

Pro-actively manage cost from any project and produce realistic cost/hour forecasts.

Scenario Modeling

Preview forecasts as “What-if” scenarios for better decision making.

Key Features

  • Uses EVM Terminology

  • Preview Forecasts as “What if” scenarios

  • SaaS Solution

  • Information is located in central hub

  • Monitoring, forecasting, and reporting of cost and hours in real-time.

  • ERP Integration

  • Robust scope change management and contingency management process.

  • Customization of reports

Key Benefits

  • Proactively manage cost from any project and produce realistic cost/hour forecasts. Greater visibility helps prevent surprise overruns.

  • Replaces spreadsheets and home-grown solutions.

  • Enterprise deployment gives visibility into various levels of spending, which in turn allows for better decision making related to contracting strategies. Additionally, enterprise deployment supports a better understanding of geographical site or global KPI and other performance measures.

  • Provides real-time, accurate forecast via its user friendly, interactive, forecasting module.

  • Streamlined process standardization via project performance measures such as KPIs and earned value. This results in better decision making.


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