Automatically Enforce the Terms and Conditions of your Service Contracts


  • Do you have the confidence that all of your vendors have fully executed agreements with clear rates, rules and terms?

  • Are all of your agreements easily accessible, accurate and up to date?

  • Do you have a consistent method for contract execution and extension?

  • Can you easily view and evaluate spend per contract to ensure compliance?

  • Do you have boilerplate contract language where appropriate to speed up execution and avoid unnecessary legal review?

The TRACK® Platform empowers contract managers to often create and execute agreements as part of the on-boarding process. The terms and conditions for each agreement are translated into pay formulas within TRACK, eliminating handshake deals and removing the emotion from the calculation of net billable time.

TRACK ensures that the most economical rate structure is applied to the contractor’s equipment usage based on the negotiated rate schedule for that vendor’s contract. Our contractor management platform enables owners to breakout Maintenance, Turnaround, and Capital Agreements per work day per contractor. We enable owners to TRACK transit time by calculating distance/time/costs per contractor between multiple work locations.

By using TRACK, contracts managers have created standard agreement templates across service providers that were already approved by legal and other departments and minimized the time needed for contract execution.

TRACK’s software design matched our workflow from the creation of the initial contract through payment processing, and TRACK® required the same key data as our process did from start to finish.”
— TRACK Administrator, Electric Utility Leader

Fully Automated Agreement Terms & Conditions

All vendor agreements have clearly enforceable rates for labor, equipment, and material, along with plainly articulated site rules and well-defined contractual terms and conditions.

Compliant Spend Per Contractor

TRACK has standard reporting functionality that facilitates the ability to rapidly break down spend by supplier, by craftsman, by skill, by PO, WO, CC, and WBS.


Facilitate Standard Agreements

Standardized language for contractor agreements across the site or enterprise to accelerate the pace of contract execution.


Download our contract health check one pager

Consistent Method for Contract Execution

TRACK maintains the effective dates of agreements. It is a simple process inside TRACK to update agreements, rates and pay formulas when appropriate