Maximize your time and contract value

Get your contracts TrackĀ® ready

Reworking and rewriting of some clauses in your contracts will maximize the value that TRACK can bring. Whether you are a new or existing client, MCi can assist you in getting TRACK ready by taking on the burden of contract review, allowing your procurement teams to focus on engaging with your suppliers rather than wade through pages of contract language to understand what needs to be addressed. Let our 250+ years of experience in contractor management complement your procurementā€™s team understanding of your specific vendors.


Identifying Your Contract Gaps

By using our proprietary checklist of more than 120 common contract fields, we can evaluate the readiness of your current and proposed contracts for TRACK vendors. For each contract you provide us, you will receive a detailed report highlighting the strengths and gaps in your contract clauses and where you could be seeing contract leakage. By using this checklist, we can support the procurement team in getting your value flowing faster.


How Can I Get access To This Value Adding Service?

Access to this service can be arranged through either your Account Manager or our SVP of Insights and Analytics, Mark Rivers, If you are not yet a TRACK customer, but are interested in receiving a Contract Health Check, please contact our SVP of Sales, Jason Duane, Rates are dependent on the complexity and volume of contracts.


Download our contract health check one pager