MCi Center of Excellence

Management Controls, Inc. Center of Excellence (MCiCoE) is a specialized support hub where customers can access our experts, their best practice resources and the best answers MCi can provide. These services are predominantly delivered centrally from our headquarters in Houston, TX. MCiCoE can be used during implementation, when new or additional services are needed and during maintenance and support activities. 



MCiCoE will take client requests escalated from the CSS / Help Desk and provide functional consulting to clients. Depending on the request, consulting may be non-billable or deferred to Sales for a service proposal.

Pay Formulas

MciCoE will develop, test and deliver pay formulas at client requests and/or as a function of implementation support. Pay formula development will generally be billable to the client or project.



MCiCoE will assume responsibility for TRACK and Forecaster documentation, including release notes.

Quality Reviews

MCiCoE will assist the Implementation Team with testing and perform project QA reviews (gate mtgs).


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