Optimizing Outsourced Services with “best-in-class” processes by utilizing the track® platform

Collaborative planning and project execution isn’t just good sense – it’s good business. Well-planned work performed by focused and informed contractor/client teams working collaboratively produces results that are on time – every time. Best-in-class companies achieve this goal by following a common model comprised of interlocking processes. These companies routinely use the only Contractor Spend Management solution, the TRACK® Platform by Management Controls Inc., to automate business processes – from project time-keeping through invoicing – and provide the actionable information needed to complete projects efficiently. The strategies described in this white paper are independent impact to transform the owner-vendor relationship. When used together, companies can achieve world-class status in managing their spend on contractor labor, equipment, and materials by adopting automated standardization. Standardization is the glue that binds these processes together.

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