How Track Is Different


With Track, owners know their daily headcount of contractors. They know the right skills are on site based on the work to be done every day.

Contractor Scheduling

The Track environment forces contract labor to adhere to a defined and documented schedule. Owners have daily access to straight time and overtime hours earned.

What You Don’t Know…

Time Tracking & Billing

Track eliminates the current method of auditing contractor invoices against automated or paper timesheets. Track automatically calculates net billable hours earned.

Attendance Tracking

With Track, you can easily access attendance information and know complete crews are on site, able to work efficiently and safely. This helps minimize the work required to get the job done.

Expense Tracking

With daily settlements, owners have access to real-time spend information and can then identify duplicate or unnecessary expenses.

Project Management

With the Track Software Suite, Track and Forecaster can optimize your ability to manage costs:

  • Instantly access project progress
  • Know your project is on time and on budget
  • Easily identify when issues impact project estimate and gain the ability to make adjustments in real time