Cost Leadership

Posted by Management.Controls on Sep 13, 2017

Contractor Cost Control One advantage of being a software company is...
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Change the Way you Manage Your Contracted Services and Transform your Audit Findings (so there isn't one)

Posted by Management.Controls on Aug 07, 2017

Audits may not be popular but they are important. Audits...
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Site Assessment Request

A site assessment is the second step in the process of implementing MCi’s Software Suite at your site. After initial communication between the customer and Management Controls, a group of 2-3 MCi subject matter specialists will make a 1-2 day visit to your site. During this visit, they will conduct on-site interviews with key site personnel and review your plant’s facilities. We will ask that the following people be available for a 30 min. – 1 hour meeting (the schedule will be set prior to the first day of the site survey):

  • Plant Manager
  • Turnaround Manager
  • Procurement Manager
  • Security
  • IT Manager
  • Site Controller
  • Maintenance Manager


Critical components to be discussed include: site labor spend, control systems, work practices, existing contracts and opportunities for improvement. Key deliverables will include: a formal Site Assessment report, site survey data, an estimate of benefits, a proposal of products and services, and an estimated implementation timeline and resources. A number of documents and questionnaires are available to help guide the Site Survey process and will be provided to the client approximately one week before the site survey. We will ask that these surveys be returned to MCi 24-48 hours prior to the site survey.

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