Shutdown, Turnaround and Outage Cost Management Solution


Accurate Turnaround Cost Forecasting from Management Controls, Inc. on Vimeo.

Forecaster is a simple, out-of-the-box solution that provides 98% forecast accuracy for projects and turnarounds. It is the only solution on the market that has a 100% timesheet integration solution with Track Software. Forecaster also has an import method that allows for timely data load.

Forecaster sets itself apart with a quick implementation model, allowing rapid visibility to management of its cost.

Key Features

  • Forecaster was designed with industry best practices by cost engineers and includes the use of earned value management (EVM) Terminology.
  • Forecaster provides friendly navigation throughout the tool, including the ability to organize and analyze data with speed and efficiency.
  • Forecaster provides a unique feature that allows the forecast to be previewed as a what-if scenario to better understand the impact of a project.
  • Our 100% SaaS solution allows you to access Forecaster via a web browser from anywhere and supports rapid implementation.
  • One of the foundations of Forecaster is its unique ability to house information in a centralized location.
  • Because Forecaster is a centralized data hub, it allows for monitoring, forecasting, and reporting of cost and hours in real-time.
  • Forecaster has the ability to interface with any ERP system and Track Software.
  • Forecaster supports a robust scope change management and contingency management process.
  • Forecaster has the ability to provide the user with customized reports based on their needs.

Key Benefits

  • Forecaster provides greater visibility through dashboards, custom reporting, and drill-down capabilities. With greater visibility comes the ability to proactively manage cost from any project and produce realistic cost/hour forecasts. Greater visibility helps prevent surprise overruns.
  • Forecaster replaces spreadsheets and home-grown solutions.
  • Enterprise deployment gives visibility into various levels of spending, which in turn allows for better decision making related to contracting strategies. Additionally, enterprise deployment supports a better understanding of geographical site or global KPI and other performance measures.
  • Because of Forecaster's data integration and business intelligence reporting, less effort is required to consolidate data and troubleshoot errors. As a result of this efficiency paired with centralized data hub, Forecaster is able to provide a real-time, accurate forecast via its user friendly, interactive forecasting module.
  • Forecaster drives a streamlined process standardization via project performance measures such as KPIs and earned value. This results in better decision making.
  • Forecaster can be rapidly implemented within a 3-month period. With Forecaster as a SaaS solution, future updates can be deployed immediately and seamlessly.