SAP Integration

Track has developed tight, bi-directional integration with SAP to support our customers' mission-critical business requirements. The Track SAP Integration product pulls cost object information from SAP and pushes timesheet and payment information back to SAP to complete the cycle.  We deliver this information as a supported, productized solution.


Track Software offers a turnkey solution for quick and cost-effective integration of Track and SAP. Here are some of the reasons why this has become a 'game-changer' for our customers:


Data integrity between Track and SAP
-- Ensures Track has the most up to date information regarding PO's and WO's to support cost allocation process and no interruptions in the daily settlement process

Tighter, more accurate payment process
-- Track/SAP integration facilitates early-pay discounts with contractors.

Administrative cost savings through Track’s end to end controls
-- Track/SAP integration eliminates the need to audit accounts payable transactions to contractors as they have already been verified through Track and pushed to SAP.
-- Eliminates audit of contractor timesheets as Track has controls in place

Streamlined processes
-- Track administrators can administer error conditions without the engagement of the SAP support organization.


Expense and complexity of internal SAP Projects
-- Many companies don't have available resources to build or maintain a sophisticated integration process like this.  External resources to build these solutions are even more expensive.

Speed of execution
-- Our product is already built and typically only requires configuration for each customer.  We can deliver it within 60 days.
Fully supported product
-- Instead of a custom interface for each customer, Track has built the SAP integration with a standard code base. We support and test the product through upgrade cycles, saving customers significant time and maintenance effort.

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