Posted on Nov 22, 2011

HOUSTON (November 22, 2011) – Track Software, the leading platform for contractor cost management, announced today that the North West Redwater (NWR) Partnership is implementing its flagship product, Track™.

NWR Partnership is engaging Track to help manage costs both during construction and operation of a bitumen refinery near Edmonton, Alberta—the world’s first bitumen refinery which combines gasification technology with an integrated carbon capture and storage solution.  NWR is committed to maximizing the value of the bitumen resource by creating high demand products such as low-carbon-standard diesel, which will account for nearly half of the facility's product output.  Bitumen feedstock for the first phase will be provided by the Province of Alberta through its bitumen royalty-in-kind (BRIK) initiative.

NWR will be implementing Track 6.2, including the Labor, Equipment and Materials, Lump Sum and Unit Rate Pricing modules.  Track 6.2 will include Track’s JD Edwards Integration Module as well as TrackMobile.  TrackMobile allows time capture of contract craftsmen as they ride buses from Edmonton to arrive at the work site in Redwater, Alberta.

“We estimate that during the construction of this facility, we will have as many as 5,000 contractors on site daily,” said Jerry Crail, Senior Vice President of Engineering and Construction for NWR.  “The entire mission of this facility is to use our resources in a more sustainable and responsible manner, and we want to be just as watchful over the financial resources that will go into building it.  We’re confident that Track will give us control over and confidence in the accuracy of our contractor and equipment and materials costs.”

Using Track 6.2 Analytics, NWR’s project managers will have visibility into progress throughout the construction cycle.

About Track Software

Founded in 1989, Track Software is the leader in contractor cost management software.  The Track Software platform enhances the working relationship between plant owners and contractors, giving all parties more visibility into work processes, tighter project controls and significant financial returns.  Track is deployed at some of the largest refineries, chemical plants and power plants in the world.

About North West Redwater Partnership

The partnership is building the world’s first bitumen refinery, which combines gasification technology with an integrated carbon capture and storage solution. The project, which will be located 75 miles northeast of Edmonton, is also the first bitumen refinery to sell its CO2 for the purposes of enhanced oil recovery. NWR is converting 150,000 barrels of bitumen directly to fuels and other high value, low sulphur products required in the Alberta market. The process is also optimized to minimize the environmental footprint of the facility and make the bitumen upgrading/refining process sustainable in Alberta.