Cost Leadership

Posted by Management.Controls on Sep 13, 2017

Contractor Cost Control One advantage of being a software company is...
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Change the Way you Manage Your Contracted Services and Transform your Audit Findings (so there isn't one)

Posted by Management.Controls on Aug 07, 2017

Audits may not be popular but they are important. Audits...
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Why invest in Contractor Cost Tracking?

The process of managing contractor spend is mission-critical to any large operation that involves millions of dollars of spending on contract labor, equipment and materials. Track empowers owners to gain greater control, visibility and savings.


  • Improved Visibility
    • Contractual Compliance
    • Accurate hours and costs to manage projects
    • Daily settlement with all contractors - no surprises!
    • Real-time personnel & equipment information
  • Cost Reduction
    • Eliminate timesheet & invoice errors - 5-15% savings
  • Productivity
    • Puts supervision back into the field
    • Eliminates timesheet and invoice disputes
The Need For a Contracting Strategy


  • Improve Cash Flow
    • On-time payments per the contract
    • Eliminates invoice disputes with your A/P
  • Increase Efficiency
    • No time-entry needed
    • Clean invoice generated daily or weekly
  • Enhance Productivity
    • Improved employee accountability
    • Supervisors in the field - not in the trailer!
The Wall Between Purchasing and Maintenance