Why invest in Contractor Cost Tracking?

The process of managing contractor spend is mission-critical to any large operation that involves millions of dollars of spending on contract labor, equipment and materials. Track empowers owners to gain greater control, visibility and savings.


  • Improved Visibility
    • Contractual Compliance
    • Accurate hours and costs to manage projects
    • Daily settlement with all contractors - no surprises!
    • Real-time personnel & equipment information
  • Cost Reduction
    • Eliminate timesheet & invoice errors - 5-15% savings
  • Productivity
    • Puts supervision back into the field
    • Eliminates timesheet and invoice disputes
The Need For a Contracting Strategy


  • Improve Cash Flow
    • On-time payments per the contract
    • Eliminates invoice disputes with your A/P
  • Increase Efficiency
    • No time-entry needed
    • Clean invoice generated daily or weekly
  • Enhance Productivity
    • Improved employee accountability
    • Supervisors in the field - not in the trailer!
The Wall Between Purchasing and Maintenance