Management Controls, Inc. (MCi) Announces Change of Control, Increased Investment in Track Platform

Posted by Management.Controls on Jul 13, 2017

This morning Management Controls announced that we have been purchased...
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You are only as good as your last contract

Posted by Management.Controls on Jun 26, 2017

Plant operatoAll is under...  <br />
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Today's top organizations are looking for optimal ways to gain insights from data in shorter reporting windows. It's all about getting to the relevant data quicker – revealing previously unseen patterns, sentiments and relationships.

Track and Forecaster Analytics enables our customers to measure what matters most today, reveal best actions, expose threats and gain insights that compel the right actions. With Track and Forecaster Analytics, managers and executives now have access to accurate, real-time views into their plant's L/E/M spend, as well as project spend. This includes:

  • Ability to produce a "cost at completion" forecast
  • Cost management approachable from a project management viewpoint, as opposed to an accounting perspective
  • Graphic views of important operational metrics like daily spend, headcount, and overtime ratios
  • Daily, real-time monitoring, forecasting and reporting of all turnaround / project associated costs and hours
  • Segregation of scope change, repair and capital project costs from turnaround costs
  • The ability to facilitate contract administration as work is performed
  • Personalized, configurable dashboards for each user
  • Drill-down capabilities to source data