Labor Cost Tracking

Track's labor module helps plant owners manage the contractor time and billing process. Track supports Time and Materials contracts, as well as Lump Sum and Unit Price contracting strategies. Track's real-time labor cost management solution delivers hard dollar cost savings, administrative simplicity and maximum visibility into project costs and progress.

A Day in the Life of a Contract Craftsman

Track's labor module is the engine that makes it possible for companies to simplify their contractor cost management process and save millions of dollars in the process. Here are some of the core features of the labor module:

  • Collect Time -- automated collection of contractor work activity ensures accuracy and delivers controls
  • Contract Compliance -- contract rules are applied to invoices to assure all contractors are paid based on agreed upon terms and conditions
  • Project Costing -- correct allocation of all contract costs is ensured down to the task level of work orders
  • ERP Integration -- automates and streamlines contractor payment process. Significantly reduces audit and reconciliation time
  • Workforce visibility -- Track can answer the question, "Do we have the right labor and equipment here to complete today's scheduled work?"

Track labor module, along with its equipment and materials modules, not only gives customers the necessary tools to capture that lost 5% (or 10, or 20...) in contractor spend, but also creates a greatly improved decision-making paradigm when it comes to capital projects or a shutdown/turnaround/outage.

To learn more about how Track's contractor spend management solution delivers significant improvements of efficiency and savings, call 800.532.8348.