Industries We Serve

Management Control's Track software suite is ideal for any industry utilizing contract labor services, such as refining, upstream, mid-stream, chemical, utilities and power, metals and mining, heavy process industries, and manufacturing.  In major industries across the world, approximately 35% to 85% of the workforce at any given time are contractors performing functions from office duties and management to critical operations, such as production and turnarounds.  One industrial complex can spend well over $50 million in contractor labor costs annually.  Add leased materials and equipment costs, and those costs increase dramatically. MCi's software suite provides real-time access to contract labor, material and equipment expenses enabling better project management and budget controls.


In the U.S., nearly 125 petroleum refineries are in operation.  Collectively owned by roughly 90 different companies, the industry has a combined annual revenue of over $580 billion.


The chemicals industry in the U.S. includes about 10,000 companies with combined annual revenue of nearly $750 billion.  The U.S. industry is highly concentrated, with the 50 largest firms generating more than half of industry revenue.

Utilities/Power Gen

The power industry in the U.S. consists of a variety of sources -- including coal, natural gas, solar, wind, hydroelectric, geothermal and nuclear.  Nearly half of the nation's energy capacity is generated by coal plants.  Natural gas, nuclear and renewable sources account for most of the remaining capacity.

Metals and Mining

Production has steadily increased over the past several years with coal still being one of the leading global energy sources.  The top 40 companies, representing the majority of the entire metals and mining industry, reported over $512 billion in revenues in 2013 employing nearly 800,000 labor resources.

Pulp & Paper

The US pulp, paper, and paperboard mill industry includes about 150 companies with combined annual revenue of more than $80 billion. The average person uses 121 pounds of paper every year.

Heavy Process Industries

Management Controls' Software Suite partners well with additional heavy process industries including, but not limited to pharmaceuticals, automotive, and rubber manufacturing.