Forecaster has the ability to integrate with Primavera P6, MS Project and other PPM (project portfolio management) tools. Planned and earned hour data from your PPM may be imported into Forecaster from an Excel template. Forecaster then provides you with the following information daily and on-demand:

  • Estimated hours by day, week and month by WBS
  • Earned hours (what has been worked so far)
  • Percent complete by company, skill and WBS

As hours are progressed, your PPM reallocates all remaining hours and an updated schedule is produced. This information is then updated in Forecaster as the BAC (Budget at Completion).

SAP transactions may be imported via provided templates or via the SAP to Forecaster interface. These transactions include Actuals (Commitments), Payments and Purchase Order details for Labor, Equipment and Materials. SAP to Forecaster interface transactions may be scheduled or requested on demand.

When interfaced with Track, Forecaster can also provide timesheet hours, or actual hours, and costs that have been charged thus far. The ability to compare daily earned (P6) and actual hours (Track) provides a cost engineer the most accurate CPI (cost performance index) for determining accurate productivity KPIs at any desired level.

A few of the many benefits to using Forecaster for your turnarounds and capital projects include:

  • Increased visibility (which provides tighter control)
  • Greater predictability
  • Actionable information
  • Data-driven decisions
  • Instant access to both summary and detailed information
  • Dependable determination of EAC (forecast)
  • Promotion of timely communication
  • Uncomplicated access to the right information