Looking for Candidates to Join Management Controls TaaS Force Team

MCi is taking the next step in its Track Platform with the creation of Track as a Service (TaaS) offerings. TaaS is designed to provide ongoing customer solutions through performance monitoring of the Track Platform.

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Join the Management Controls New TaaS Force Team.

Offerings include:

  • Continuous monitoring of how the customer is executing the Track Platform against Best Practice
  • Ongoing analysis and identification of customer site themes, trends, and bottlenecks with recommended course correction
  • Enhanced customer help desk support levels
  • Customer Track Administration staff augmentation, and
  • Continuous new vendor and new product feature training.

MCi is currently looking for candidates to join its ‘TaaS Force’ team to support ongoing customer resource needs. We could use your help! Do you know someone?

Preferred candidates possess the ability pick up some of the following responsibilities:

  • Monitoring the daily operation of the Track Platform and infrastructure
  • Coordinating Timekeeper activities
  • Processing and resolving all Track exceptions (e.g. missing gate events, off-site work, etc.)
  • All Track master data entry and configuration
  • All user-ids, passwords, profiles and security configuration
  • Ensuring compliance of Track work processes, procedures, and standards
  • Identifying and coordinating reporting requirements
  • Ensuring that Track timesheets are processed timely and accurately
  • Onboarding vendors
  • Understanding the Pay Formula creation process
  • Understanding the Custom Report creation process

If you are interested in joining our team, please submit your resume to the TaaS Force lead Nicholas.Ndah@mccorp.com.

Cost Leadership

Contractor Cost Control

One advantage of being a software company is we see trends across our customers that span a range of industries– Oil & Gas, Chemical, Pulp and Paper, Mining, Power Generation and Heavy Process. An interesting thing we’ve discovered over the last 25 years is that we consistently find the same contractor invoice errors across all of our customers. Our Track platform error-proofs the invoicing, and it shows on your bottom line.

We don’t want to just sit on this valuable information though! We want to use it and share it with you so that you can avoid some of these costly mistakes.

Click here to download the top 11 errors we see when it comes to contractor invoices – both across all of our customers as well as in the chemicals industry.

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