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Wait a second …….I didn’t order the Veal!  I know when I receive the check at the restaurant I give it a once over to make sure I am not paying for any mystery items. Or imagine if you took your car into the shop for an oil change and you come out with new tires! It sounds crazy but these things happen all of the time and it’s happening in the owner to contractor relationship every day with inaccurate billing, lack of visibility, and work inefficiencies.

In the world of contract labor an owner has a need and the skilled contractor performs that service based on an hourly rate.  What’s critical though is the expectation that the work will be performed on-time, per hourly rate, and per job standards. Contractors want to work on the right jobs, do them well, and get paid. Owners want the work completed, to pay their contractors, and increase profits.  Problem with most industries today is the lack of visibility and control between the owner/contractor relationships.

MCI has been tackling this problem with the Oil & Gas, Chemical, Steel, Mining industries for over 25 years.  Track software, MCI’s flagship solution, is sandwiched right in the middle of the owner and contractor with one mission in mind.  To provide the owner and contractor shared visibility and control.  Visibility on who/how many contractors are currently on site, to what work they are performing and where.  Owners are able to apply automated contract terms and conditions to the contractor and the contractor ultimately gets paid daily. 

One catch – Track software was previously confined to a perimeter or fenced area that used gate access or a turnstiles.  MCI had not been able to tackle the remote, outside of perimeter challenges until now with the emergence of mobility into the workforce.  All that changes now with MCI’s new mobility solution. Track Mobility provides the Track solution literally anywhere.  Where you have contracted work you could have Track.  A worker in the oil field, a high-rise, or an airport expansion project.  The options are endless for providing the Track solution for any industry virtually anywhere.

-Chris Frizzell, Chief Evangelist




Looking for Candidates to Join Management Controls TaaS Force Team

MCi is taking the next step in its Track Platform with the creation of Track as a Service (TaaS) offerings. TaaS is designed to provide ongoing customer solutions through performance monitoring of the Track Platform.

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Join the Management Controls New TaaS Force Team.

Offerings include:

  • Continuous monitoring of how the customer is executing the Track Platform against Best Practice
  • Ongoing analysis and identification of customer site themes, trends, and bottlenecks with recommended course correction
  • Enhanced customer help desk support levels
  • Customer Track Administration staff augmentation, and
  • Continuous new vendor and new product feature training.

MCi is currently looking for candidates to join its ‘TaaS Force’ team to support ongoing customer resource needs. We could use your help! Do you know someone?

Preferred candidates possess the ability pick up some of the following responsibilities:

  • Monitoring the daily operation of the Track Platform and infrastructure
  • Coordinating Timekeeper activities
  • Processing and resolving all Track exceptions (e.g. missing gate events, off-site work, etc.)
  • All Track master data entry and configuration
  • All user-ids, passwords, profiles and security configuration
  • Ensuring compliance of Track work processes, procedures, and standards
  • Identifying and coordinating reporting requirements
  • Ensuring that Track timesheets are processed timely and accurately
  • Onboarding vendors
  • Understanding the Pay Formula creation process
  • Understanding the Custom Report creation process

If you are interested in joining our team, please submit your resume to the TaaS Force lead

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