Management Controls, Inc. (MCi) Announces Change of Control, Increased Investment in Track Platform

This morning Management Controls announced that we have been purchased by board member and long-time investor George Broady. George’s son Vince Broady, a seasoned entrepreneur, will be taking on the role of CEO and Ken Naughton will move from his role as COO to President. Our founder Bob Harrell is retiring and we would like to thank him graciously for his vision and commitment to bring us to where we are today.

These are exciting times that bring with it renewed focus and investment to continue to build our Track platform. Our plans have not changed. We are unwavering in our commitment to deliver to you the #1 contractor services management (CSM) solution on the market today – enabling you to have better control and visibility into your contracted services. We are also adding a Customer Success group.   This group includes our Help Desk Support, Track Center of Excellence and Account Management all of which are dedicated to the success of our customers.

Track customers have shared remarkable results with us: 4 – 15% cost savings, better control of contractor spend, better visibly into daily contractor activities and access to dashboards that provide the data customers need to make better decisions for turnarounds, shutdowns, maintenance, operations and capital projects.

Our roadmap is more robust than ever and our CTO Mike Wangsmo is leading the charge with a bigger, better and more focused development group. Our roadmap includes an expansion of our Track Mobile solution which is already in beta with customers today. It also includes preparations for the next version of our Track platform.

We look forward to the opportunity to support you and your organization’s contractor services management. If you would like more information on how we may help please contact us for a demo today at

You are only as good as your last contract

Plant operatoAll is under controlrs manage complex assets valued in the billions. It takes thousands of employees and contract craftsmen to keep it all running. Plant maintenance budgets are in the 100’s of millions of dollars annually, most paid to contractors. A lot of money flows through your contracts. Are they up to the challenge?

Operators focus on safety and production. Process control systems, plant upgrades, and sophisticated reliability systems have added to your ability to assure quality and profitability. Yet contracts are routinely negotiated and executed in the same fashion as in days gone by.

Labor cost control efforts seriously lag behind plant investments. Contracting proliferated but rarely encourages productivity and effectiveness. Contract negotiations center on controlling labor rates; little attention is paid to labor volume (rate x volume = cost). Large, multi-plant manufacturers spend billions annually on projects, maintenance and turnarounds without disciplined contract cost controls.

Visibility Leads to Better Performance

A full view of contractor activities provides a more accurate picture of performance leading to improved control of contracted service cost. Service cost is a function of labor volume x labor rate. Project managers typically aren’t sure of contractor headcount throughout the day. Headcount is just half of the volume calculation (headcount x duration = volume). You can’t complete the volume calculation without duration information: how long was each craftsman on-site today. Do you know how many contract craftsmen are required for the activities scheduled today? There may be craftsmen on-site with no work to do or worse yet, work scheduled but no one on-site to perform the work.

Evaluating contractor labor volume can be accomplished with an investment in the right contractor service cost management system. This solution starts with technology to assure “proof of presence”. Plant-wide RF/ID access control systems and mobile/GPS remote worksite tools are the frontend. Contract compliance software like Track from Management Controls, Inc. guarantees timesheet and invoice accuracy. The solution is rounded out by proven interfaces to your ERP and planning and scheduling systems, typically SAP and Primavera. Think of the combination as one-stop-shopping for automated contract cost control.

Ask yourself, “Have these contractor invoices been validated for accuracy of hours claimed?” “How about these charges for equipment use and supplies. Are they permitted under the contract?” “Have vendor invoices been automatically compared to contract terms and rates before being presented for my review and approval?”

Managing multi-million dollar turnarounds, routine maintenance and capital projects without a robust contractor management system is managing in the dark. Without visibility of accurate labor hours, equipment usage, supplies and materials consumed contract rates and terms, crew mix, safety procedures and progress against work orders and POs, managers of large contracted work forces are vulnerable to late delivery and busted budgets. Management Controls, Inc. has more than twentyfive years of industrial software experience addressing the complexities of contractor services management.

A Contractor Services Management Solution (CSM)

So how valuable is confirming contractor invoices are paid only after validating hours, materials and equipment compliance to a well written contract? Management Controls identified a consistent 5 – 15% error. Track helps plant owners unlock real value in their contracted services by having better visibility to the entire contracting process and data set.

Today Track software is implemented in 85% of North American refineries, in chemical plants, in pulp and paper, power generation, steel manufacturing and mining representing over 225 sites worldwide. Today, Track processes over $30 billion per year in contractor invoices.

Management Controls designed automated contract compliance into the Track software suite by capturing labor volume from access control systems and comparing those hours to contract terms, conditions and rates. Newly released Track Mobile extends Track’s value to remote operations where there are no gates or fences.

Visibility Leads to Better Forecasting

Forecaster by Management Controls works with data from Track, Primavera and SAP to evaluate daily progress and total cost of projects large and small. Clients using Track and Forecaster routinely forecast project completion and cost with 98+% accuracy. The data in Track has become an instrumental data source to reduce costs, make faster, smarter decisions and create better outcomes.

Management Controls clients match Smart Contracts with the right contractors. Owners work with contractors to develop Smart Contracts that suit the specific requirements of the work to be performed. Some jobs fit the time and materials model, some require lump sum and some are best suited to unit rate contracts. Knowing what contract strategy fits best with each project is good for both owners and contractors.

To learn more, ask for a demonstration of the Track Software Suite. We will be happy to show you how Track will work for your organization.

Visit our case studies to see actual Track clients. Call us at 800.532.8348 and visit us at

Management Controls Sponsors Downstream, Engineering, Construction and Maintenance Show (New Orleans June 15 – 16)

DECM logo

Are you going to the Downstream Engineering, Construction & Maintenance Conference (June 15-16, New Orleans)? Meet us there! Management Controls, the maker of Track and Forecaster software suite supporting Contracted Managed Services for 90% of the downstream oil & gas industry, is sponsoring DECM. Not registered yet? Reach out to us for a discount code!  Our COO Ken Naughton will be speaking on “Improving Product Maintainability: Lessons Learned.”  We’re talking Track, and Track Mobile. Want to learn more?  Let’s meet!  Click here to schedule.

Forecaster 2.0.10 with real-time headcount/workforce comparisons

Management Controls, Inc. (MCi), the leading provider of contract cost management solutions, today announced the release of Forecaster 2.0.10, a significant new version of its Shutdown, Turnaround and Outage Cost Management Solution.

The enhanced solution features new Headcount/Force Reporting capabilities that meet a growing demand for real time access into this crucial decision making information.  Forecaster is now able to generate real-time comparisons of Planned Headcount vs. Actual Headcount based on live data within Primavera P6 and MCi’s Track.  The comparisons provide access to live data that allows Cost Engineers and Managers to validate and fine tune their forecast accurately.

For more information: contact management controls: 281-617-0401 or email:


Management Controls, Inc. (MCi) Selected as a Microsoft High Potential Partner (HiPo) for Azure.

Microsoft Names Management Controls for a special Azure partner program

HOUSTON, Dec 12, 2016 — MANAGEMENT CONTROLS, INC. (MCCORP). market leader in contractor cost control solutions and forecasting, announced that it has been chosen by Microsoft to join the High Potential (HiPo) Managed Partner Program for Azure. Companies with this distinction are considered to be the elite of the Gold Level and Cloud competency partners.

As a member of Microsoft Azure’s HiPo Partner Program, MCi has access to deep technical expertise to drive the development of new innovative solutions for all clients. The focus of this program is on how new technology can be used to solve complex business problems for private and public commercial organizations.

“We are honored to be selected to be part of this amazing program by Microsoft,” said Ken Naughton, COO at MCi. “Less than 200 of Microsoft’s 100,000+ partners attain this distinction, which underscores MCi’s close working relationship with Microsoft, as well as its demonstrated expertise in delivering highest quality solutions that enhance Microsoft Azure technology,”

About Management Controls

Management Controls, Inc. is the creator of Track Software and Forecaster, a software suite that drives success in heavy process industry maintenance projects by providing owners and contractors with accurate, up-to-the-minute progress information that is fundamental to better decision-making. Track, the leading contract cost management software, is used by about 87% of North American refining capacity and many large chemical manufacturers. Forecaster produces project-cost calculations that have proven to be more than 98% accurate. Founded in 1989, Management Controls is headquartered in Houston, Texas.

Learn more at





Management Controls featured in PPMG Q3 industry Newsletter

MCi Track Software helps owners manage contractor cost

Management Controls PPMG

Managing contractor cost and reporting during projects, shutdowns, turnarounds, and outages has always been one of the biggest challenges for our clients. PPMG has recently partnered with Management Controls (MCi) the developers of one-of-a-kind software suite, Track© and Forecaster©. Track offers Owners the opportunity to simplify their contractor management. Track© creates total transparency between terms and conditions of each agreement with the invoices supplied by contractors. Track© eliminates errors and redundancy at every stage of the contractor management process…

Read full article here


US Steel Corporation (X) Deploys TRACK Software at Fairfield Works Mill

TRACK provides US Steel Corporation with best in class contract costs management across their enterprise


HOUSTON, TX., October. 13, 2016 /MCPR/ — Management Controls, Inc. (MCi), a leading provider of contract cost management solutions, has successfully completed deployment of Track® at the US Steel Fairfield Works mill.  United States Steel Corporation (X), a leading integrated steel producer and Fortune 200 company, is implementing Track® to control contract service costs.

Ken Naughton, Chief Operating Officer at Management Controls commented, “We are excited to be working with U.S. Steel. Since their first Track implementation, U.S Steel has realized 8% reduction in contract labor costs. Even more savings (17%) have been delivered on contractor equipment and material utilization.”

“Following our decision to implement a contractor management system across our entire company, we set out to find a strategic partner to work with us,” said Neal Mortensen, Director – Materials Management, U. S. Steel Corporation. “We undertook an extensive tender process and selected MCi because the team demonstrated the right solution, depth of knowledge, systems expertise and skills we required from a partner. MCi fully understands the challenges we face, with long­standing expertise in contractor management solutions coupled with their more than 20 year unrivaled domain experience in contract cost management.”

Track is now successfully implemented at the following U.S Steel Mill locations ― Fairfield Works, Alabama, Mon Valley Works, Pennsylvania, and Great Lakes Works, Michigan, and is now planning to roll-out to their largest plant in Gary Works, Indiana.

About Management Controls, Inc.
Management Controls, Inc. is the creator of Track Software, Forecaster, ERP integration and RF/ID attendance monitoring. Our software drives on-time/on-budget performance in asset intensive industry maintenance and projects. We provide owners and contractors with accurate, up-to-the-minute progress information fundamental to improved decision-making. Track is the market leading solution for owners and contractors seeking greater cost control, transparency and contract compliance. For two decades refineries, chemical plants and others have used Track to manage their contract service costs and performance. Our other clients include metals & mining, pulp & paper and power generation companies. To learn more about Management Controls, Inc. and Track software, please visit


Track v6.3 Released to Management Controls Inc. (MCi) SaaS Customers

MANAGEMENT CONTROLS, INC. (MCi), the widely used contract cost control and turnaround cost forecasting solution provider, today announced the release of Track v6.3 for its Microsoft Azure clients. This release brings many customer requested features to Track including robust Business Intelligence (BI) tools, ad-hoc reporting capabilities and enhanced look and feel.

“Track Software® v6.3 is a testament to our longstanding commitment to listening to customers. Our customers look to us for gains in efficiency, productivity and disciplined cost management,” said Bob Harrell, Founder and CEO of Management Controls, Inc. “With this release, Management Controls extends usability to field personnel using tablets and iPads at the workface. Decision making is improved by the BI and dashboard using cool new graphics.”

Management Controls solutions transform the working relationship between owners and contractors with accuracy, visibility, cost controls and better, faster project information. Track v6.3 is designed for the growing needs of industry for easy to use and accurate cost control across the entire contract cost management value chain.

About Management Controls, Inc.

Management Controls, Inc. is the creator of Track Software, Forecaster, ERP integration and RF/ID attendance monitoring. Our software drives on-time/on-budget performance in asset intensive industry maintenance and projects. We provide owners and contractors with accurate, up-to-the-minute progress information fundamental to improved decision-making. Track is the market leading solution for owners and contractors seeking greater cost control, transparency and contract compliance. For two decades refineries, chemical plants and others have used Track to manage their contract service costs and performance. Our other clients include metals & mining, pulp & paper and power generation companies. Learn more at


Now Introducing MCi’s New Office!

On Monday morning, Management Controls, Inc. hosted a grand opening breakfast for all employees as they enjoyed the first day in their new office! MCi has officially moved from the second floor to the eighth floor of the Intercontinental Center in Houston, Texas. This new office has doubled the amount of office space that Management Controls now occupies and makes room for the exponential team growth that MCi expects in 2016.

“After months of planning, organizing, and hard work, we are so excited to finally welcome the MCi staff into our new office space!” said Karen Jenkins, Office and Human Resources Manager for Management Controls. “It’s been so worth it to see our leadership and staff excited and proud of this new space. We can’t wait to host our first networking event next month during our annual user conference. I just know our customers are going to love it!”

To get a quick look into MCi’s new office, please click on the images below. This will enlarge the images for you to view.








{All pictures by Nuwan Samaranayake}


Vendors MCi worked with on the renovation on this new office space:
Smith Commercial Construction
Lamoreaux Associates (architect)
Data Vox (telephone provider)
Sparkhound (server installation)
Continuum Networks (firewall installation)
Logix (telephone system installation)
SCC Creative Solutions (décor & furniture)
Capital Furniture Convergint (locks system)
CDW (computer equipment)
Data Projections Michelle Wogan w/Transwestern (realtor)
Ward Moving Company

Friday Feature: Nuwan Samaranayake


What is your role at Management Controls?
I am on the software development team.

How long have you been working at MCi?
6 months

Tell us a little bit about your background.
I have a BSc and MSc in Computer Science from the University of Houston. I have 20 years of software design and development experience in various domains having worked on many different projects. My passion in software development is software architecture.
I love photography and music too. Photography ( has been a serious hobby of mine for years. These things allow me to bring my creative ideas to life.
I also engage in many community activities, especially in youth leadership and mentoring programs.

What do you like to do on the weekends?
I like to spend time with my son, working with him on singing and music.


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